Richard Whyte

Director of Operations

Why I Do What I Do

As a child, I grew up around the world and was fortunate to live in many different countries. My father was a heavy equipment operator and worked for a company that built pipelines around the world, we were constantly on the move.

It was a strange existence as one day I could be living in a place that the locals looked at me and thought I was rich… And then we would pick up and move and I would be in a place that the locals thought I was poor.

I lived in places that were safe and others that could be very dangerous.

I have a strong belief that the stability of a country is based on how well small businesses are doing. When the economy is good, people may complain about their jobs, but at least they have work, some cash in their pockets and can put food on the table. When the economy is bad, no jobs to be found and long-term unemployment is the norm, this leads to unstable Governments and neighborhoods.

During my career, I meet so many business owners that are brilliant. They have great products or services and are very good at what they do… But they just don’t know how to market what they have. How to share their brilliance with the people that need it the most.

I never thought I would be in marketing, it’s not where my career started. I was a tech geek that did custom programming and network installations, but as a business owner, I had to overcome the same issues that almost every small business owner I meet has to face. The age old question:

How do I find more people that need what I have to offer?

I am introverted and analytical by nature. So thinking about marketing during those early years was really difficult for me. An entire new way of looking at things and dealing with people! But I knew that for my business to grow (SURVIVE), things had to change.

The really interesting thing is that once I got over my initial resistance and took the deep dive in to marketing, I found I loved it. I loved the wins and the loses, keeping score, each day going out and learning new things, testing them, seeing the results and watching the benefits from my efforts.

Now I get a real rush out of helping other companies grow. When a business owner can grow their business, hire more people, have less stress in their lives because they have a marketing partner that cares about their success, it’s what excites me!

At the core of my belief system is Kaizen.

Kaizen: The practice or phiosopy of continuous improvement.

At the heart of Kaizen is the idea that you just keep moving forward. You keep learning, you keep getting better. You keep making small incremental changes that over time end up having a huge impact on what you are working on.

Does it mean you win every challenge… Nope. Or that you won’t make mistakes… No again. But it gives you a framework to learn and grow from. To learn from both your wins and your loses. And over the last 30 plus years that is what I have been doing.

In this way we are not the typical digital marketing agency. We have both the marketing skills and the business operational skills acquired from being in the game.

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